Chris Story

On Top of The World

A Leap without Faith…


Are you ready to take a leap of faith? Are you ready to leap into your life…the life you have dreamed of?

Imagine waking each day ready to leap into the morning….ready to take on the world…a world of your own design and purpose.

Seth Godin has some advice; Without Faith, the Leap Never Works.

You’ve already looked, measured and calculated. Now it’s time to have faith…and leap.

British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli said; “…most people die with their music locked inside them.”

Not you!  You are going to leap into your life and set your music free. Yes…you might play out of tune for a while….but with faith as your guide…YOU will leap to the top of the world!

blind leap of faith

A Chinese Proverb

When is the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago. When is the next best time….NOW!

This Chinese proverb packs a powerful life lesson into a small bite.

Coni Meyers became a published author, speaker, trainer and coach at age 62.  Imagine where she could have gone if she’d started at 42…or 22.  ( Coni Meyers )

Better yet, imagine if she never started.  Never planted her tree.

What if she just said “what’s the use at my age?”

Instead, Coni is influencing and helping people live a better life wherever she goes.

What are you waiting for? The perfect time? Permission?

Ok…now is the perfect time. And as for permission; you don’t need it.

You are the gate keeper and you hold the key.

Plant your tree today…and soon you will climb it to the top of the world!

on top of planting a tree

Two Brothers…One Task!

MJ DeMarco tells a story about an Egyptian Pharaoh in his book the Millionaire Fast Lane.  (interesting read)

The Pharaoh commanded his two sons each build him a pyramid by themselves.  Upon completion they’d enjoy a lifetime of wealth and power.

One brother set out immediately stacking rock and building his pyramid…while his brother set about building a machine…a system to aid him in the task.

After several years…the first brother had laid up a few rows of rock; his pyramid began to take shape.  Just then…his brother unveiled his machine.

The machine that would complete more work in one week using pulleys and levers than the other man completed in the previous three years.

One brother built a system and enjoyed a lifetime of wealth….while the other brother toiled his life away never completing his task….dying in abject poverty.

Take the time to build a system to get where you want to go; and you will go….to the Top of the World

on top of your system

You are a force of Nature!

You are a force of nature….but you can’t force nature.

Not trying to be clever here; you really are a force on this planet…you are here for a reason…you were born with a purpose!

However, you can’t force nature.  All things in their own time.

You can influence and encourage nature…but there is in all things a season.  YOU must have faith!

Sow the seeds…water the seeds…fertilize…tend to the weeds…and then….YOU will have yourself a bumper crop of success.

Stephen Covey preached the law of the farm…you can’t wait till August to plant and expect a fall harvest.

YOU are in the spring of your life…just remember…nature will not be forced.

Have Faith…you really do belong on top of the world!



A Magical Secret just for YOU!

YOU are about to learn a magic secret.

A secret so powerful…so magical….it might seem obvious when you hear it.

  • YOUR first reaction to learning this powerful and magical secret might even be to dismiss it…based on the simplicity of the magical secret.
  • YOUR second reaction to learning this magical secret might even be to say: It’s neither magic or a secret.
  • YOUR third reaction to learning the most magical secret of the ages might be: ah…because it’s so simple…so obvious and so true……it’s been made invisible by your mind thus…magically hiding in plain site; this magic secret truly is both magical…and secretive.

What’s that you say?  What is the magical secret?


YOU can accomplish, have or be anything that you desire intensely.


YOU now know the magical secret way to the top of the world!

A Magical Secret



Fail on you…Fail on!

Merriam Webster has a definition of Failure that I really like:

failure:  Lack of Success!

Lack…as in Missing! Not gone forever…anything missing can be found.

What do you do when you are running low on oxygen?  YOU breath harder! YOU don’t just stop.

If you are running out of financial oxygen…or feel like you are emotionally tapped out, remember….failure simply means you don’t have enough…YET! Your lack can be supplied from the abundance that is all around you.

YOU were born with a purpose and endowed with the seeds of greatness.

YOU were born to live on Top of the World!

missing - failure


Heaven or Hell? Your choice…

Where do you live?

Oscar Wilde said it’s up to you:

But strange that I was not told..

that the brain can hold…

In a tiny ivory cell…

God’s heaven or hell…

Well…..Now you’ve been told!

In your brain…what will you hold?

YOU don’t have to avoid the news…but be aware of how much bad news you consume…

The Best way to change the world….Change YOU!

If you feel overwhelmed…like you’re going through hell….remember what Matthew Jones said; if you’re going through hell don’t stop!

Watch what your holding in your brain…Heaven or Hell…it’s up to you!

See you on top of the world!

on top of the world with chris story

The Will’s and Will Not’s

You hear so often about the haves and have not’s…fair share and so forth.

Larry Winget nails it with this line: There are no haves and have not’s…there are the will’s and will nots.

Will you create a plan and work it…against all odds?

or won’t you?

Will you do what it takes no matter what the cost?

Or won’t you?

Having a plan is the first step…then work it.  YOU will Run into a wall….the question is; will you climb over it…or won’t you?

Will you have the life you choose or won’t you?

Will you join those living on top of the world…OR won’t YOU!

on top of the world with chris story

Teaching to the test…

Teaching to the test…the secret test.

How many times have you heard..this will be on the test.

In life…no one tells you “this will be on the test”

YOU are left to your own devices…till now.

Here is what you can expect on the test…the secret test of life.

It’s not what you think.

A business failure?…..nope!  That’s not the test. YOU will make mistakes…and you will encounter failure.

The real test…is how you repsond to the event.

For your notes…..the event isn’t the test…YOUR response to the event is the secret test and will determine your outcome.

Only you will know your score…An A+ takes you to the top of the world!

you matter

Standing at the edge of the core…

What you’re doing is so loud I can’t hear a word you’re saying!

Ken Blanchard, author of the One Minute Manager, said Core Values must be communicated.

YOU communicate your core values with everything you do.  No matter what your mission statement says…or what you profess to the world…..What you do is more important than what you say YOU do!

What are your core values?  Are you communicating your core values with the way you live?

Do you live by the Golden Rule…..or just say you do?

Try this….write down your top 3 core values…then ask your best friend, wife or husband to write down what they think YOUR top 3 core values are……..

YOU will learn a lot about yourself with this exercise…..match your core values with what you do….and you will be living on Top of the world.

core values