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On Top of The World

What’s Your Problem?

In your life….you have Two problems…Not 20….not 200…just two.

Dr. Steven Snyder said so…and he’s a doctor.

You either know what you want, and don’t know how to get it.


You don’t know what you want!

So what’s your problem? Do you know what you want? Do you have a burning desire that you simply don’t know how to make a reality?

That’s an easy fix…YOU either need confidence to go for it. Or you need to ask for help and get started.  Either Way…get started and your half way home.

Now if you don’t know what you want…YOU have a grand journey ahead of you. You are about to embark on a road of discovery. Keep your eyes open…and your head up.

Enjoy every step of your quest….either problem you’ve got…it isn’t a problem at all….they are both opportunities.

YOU are on your way to the Top of the World!

your problem

Meditation by Frasier

Are you present?

Do you live in the moment…or are you obsessed with yesterday’s moments….or the moments you assume will come

Kelsey Grammer said that prayer is you talking to God…Meditation is you listening.

Are you listening? Are you present…….?

Meditation is an ancient practice of being, being in the moment. Being quiet and listening.

If you think mediation is mystical it’s not.

Mediation is being intentionally quiet……and prepared to listen.

The world is noisy and getting louder by the minute.

So take a few moments out of every day a few moments just for you.

Get quiet……..get comfortable………….focus on your breath.

IN….and OUT……..Notice everything….and nothing all at once.

Be YOU…in this moment.

You will be sitting…ON top of the world.

on top of meditation

Your Permission Slip…

Are you looking for permission?

Perhaps you want to write and publish a book…or start a company…change jobs or careers?

Maybe you are hoping you’ll get picked to do something…anything.

Author Seth Godin says, “Reject the tyranny of picked…Pick yourself.”

James Altucher wrote a book on the subject entitled: Choose Yourself!

Why not?

Growing up, you stood in gym class waiting to be picked. You waited for the teacher to call on you….you waited to be asked to dance.

Your time is now……it’s time for you to pick YOU!

Stop what you’re doing…answer this question…and be honest with yourself:

  • In your secret heart…what is it that you really want to do?

Now answer this: Why aren’t you doing it?

Are you waiting for permission? Waiting to be picked?

Ok…..then I grant you permission…and guess what…YOU just got picked.

Your cordially invited to the top of the world!


pick yourself

What are YOU waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

I’ll be happy when…

I’ll start saving money when…

I’ll fall in love when…

I’ll love myself when…

I’ll live on purpose…and live my purpose when…

Someday I’ll….is at once the most crowded and desperately lonely island on Earth!

What are you waiting for?

The world is waiting for you….your gift…your talent…your purpose.

Why wait? Your place is waiting for you….on top of the world!


Change Your Words…Change your Worth!

Change your words…..change your worth!

Words of Wisdom from Adam Braun….a man who started a non profit to build schools around the world….

When he would tell folks he started a non profit their eyes would glaze over….so he coined the phrase “for purpose”

And like a light switch being flicked on…….people reacted differently.  “For purpose beats the heck of NON anything!” Adam said.

What are you telling yourself or others?  Change your words = change your worth.

Mother Theresa said she wouldn’t protest war…but she’d march for peace.

What are you for….what are you worth?


How to measure a chain…

Have you heard the expression….”Your only as good as your worst employee”?

Imagine you go out to a fine meal at the best restaurant in town; the food is gourmet and cooked to perfection, the ambiance is relaxing and conducive to conversation.

Even the price of the meal was reasonable…and yet; your server was rude, curt in tone and ignored your basic needs like beverage refills.  Almost as if you owed the server something for having walked through the door.

  • What would you take away from this experience?
  • When you retell your evening the next day to co-workers, what will you say?

The strength of a chain lies not in its strongest link, no matter how strong, but in its weakest.

What about you? What is your weakest link? Are you willing to work on it…strengthen it and become all that you can be?

If you do….you’ll find your place set and waiting for you……at the top of the world!

at your service

How to Wash your own Brain…in 3 Easy Steps!

How to Wash Your Brain!

step 1: On a clean sheet of paper make a list of your core values.

step 2: Review your core values…evaluate where they came from and do you identify with them. Mark through anything that doesn’t fit.

step 3: On a clean sheet of paper; create a Personal Constitution that you are committed to living by, include any of your core values from the first list that survived scrutiny, and add additional values that represent who you wish to become.

 Keep your Personal Constitution close at hand; review 3x daily.

This is your Brain…On Top of the World!

your brain on top of the world


Hey…what’s your number!

Hey there…what’s your number?

No…I mean your multiplier.

The multiplier affect is an industry standard to determine the value of a company.  You take the price to earnings ratio times an agreed upon multiplier and you get your valuation, or worth?

If your business multiplier is 5…your worth grows 500% for every dollar of profit you make.

What about your worth?

Your worth is determined by the way in which you view yourself in context to your world!

Why not pick a big number then…say 1000?

You’ll also find that a generous spirit will increase your multiplier by 10,000.

Whatever number you choose…know that you are extremely valuable… fact: Your priceless!


Situational Depression

Have you ever heard of situational depression?

Say you face a distressing situation in your life, maybe in your immediate environment, could be financial, health, romance or lack thereof.  You might experience Situational depression.

This is great news…YOUR not depressed! Your simply experiencing the symptoms of a particular situation.

This is a much smaller elephant to eat…YOUR not feeling hopeless….YOU just can’t see the solution to this situation or circumstance.

YOU are not gripped with overwhelming grief…YOU just haven’t found the way over this Hurdle…NOT all of them…just this one.

Anxiety and worry are not in control of you…YOU just can’t control this situation!

You are a whole person…take an inventory…YOU’LL see that you have way more in stock than you think!

YOU were born with a purpose and endowed with the seeds of greatness!


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