Chris Story

On Top of The World

you’re NOT alone!

That’s easy to say!
We all feel down from time to time…my hope is this will empower you to never again feel alone in a planet filled with people.
Come home…to the Top of the World.

Never Quit! NEVER!

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Thoughts from On Top!

Someone asked me this morning how I was doing?
when I said Fantastic…she said “why?”
My reply?

First…I woke up.
Second…I woke up in America.
Third…I woke up in Alaska with the love of my life.
Fourth…I woke up healthy…prosperous……and self employed.
She said …”Are you living your dreams?”
I paused for a second…and said yeah. Yeah I am!
God Bless you where ever you are in your walk on Earth!

Step by step your headed to the Top of the World!

your problem

Obstacles are made for Climbing…

Obstacles are made for climbing…and one of these day’s an Obstacle is going to climb all over you!

No matter how many books on Optimism I read, or quotes I repeat; when it comes down to it, having faith in the face of a hardship is easier read than done. 

It is in the low times, when you find yourself in the shadows, somewhere between the peaks you remember and those that were promised that you’ll find FAITH.  It’s not a handy quote, although repeating one or two can’t hurt.  Faith is persistence…moving forward when you’d rather fall down and just let the tide wash over you.

Faith is not being able to see the next place on the path to place your foot, and taking that step anyway.

Faith is your fuel…and when you think the tank is empty, you carry on…YOU never quit when your guided by FAITH!

Here’s a cliché to finish with:  “When you get to the end of the rope, tie a knot and hang on!”

With every step your getting closer and closer to the TOP of the World….where  you Belong!



What if you didn’t know you couldn’t?

Imagine a world where you don’t know your own limitations. Imagine living in a world where you don’t know what you can’t do! (legal and moral issues not included of course smiley )
This story is retold based on a story that I heard Les Brown share from the stage…I’m no Les Brown..but no one told me I couldn’t…so I DID!

“Wasn’t Nobody to tell him he couldn’t”

pick yourselfAfter school they took the long route home, Pitching snow balls at each other and parked cars along the way.

The lake looked like glass…the temptation was too great. Dropping their back packs at the edge they were slipping and sliding all over the glare ice. With a sudden popping and awful cracking sound one of the  boys plunged through the ice, disappearing below the surface.

His friend still topside screamed for help at the top of his lungs. Through the clear ice he could see his buddy underneath struggling and beating against the solid surface. He’d drifted far from where he broke through.

The young boy raced to the shore. Tore a large branch from a nearby tree and began beating the ice with  all his might…over and over again before he heard a crack. He kept at it until he made a hole large enough to drag his friend through.

Police and paramedics later surveyed the scene…asking “How on earth did that little boy use this branch to break the ice. It’s impossible.”

An elderly man stepped forward “I’ll tell you how he did it. There wasn’t nobody here to tell him he couldn’t.”

Les Brown reminds you that you have something special inside of you….no one can stop you from living your dreams but you.
 Live On Top of the World….Today…and EVERY Day of YOUR LIFE!



King Oscar…It’s Never too Late!

What’s that?  It’s too late for you to get started on your DREAM? 

Meet King Oscar….a man that proved to the world that it’s never TOO late to live your DREAM!  You can find your purpose at any age…and then Spend the rest of it Living On Purpose…On Top of the World!

Walters Garage became a portal to the Top of the World…

The bare bulb swung from the rafter in the cool evening breeze.

Walters Garage floor looked like an automobile had exploded leaving neat arranged piles of shrapnel.  On closer inspection YOU see a systematic dissection of a car has taken place…like a 3d puzzle waiting to be solved.

Walter had purchased the car not more than a week ago…and here it is in tiny pieces…rather than cruise to the coast or parade through town.

Walter was on a mission….to understand how a car worked…and then make it better; in every way….lighter…faster…and safer.

Walters mission became his purpose…a burning desire…nights and every weekend he spent in his dusty shop perfecting his version of the automobile.

Walter’s daily pursuit became a pursuit of happiness…and his pursuit of happiness became a reality…in 1925 when Walter Chrysler……..formed the Chrysler Corporation.

Walter drove……to the top of the world

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