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Profiles on Purpose… Meet Lashanna Williams

Profiles on Purpose…those living On Top of the World…where every they are!
Today…meet Lashanna Williams, Founder of the Seattle Cuddle Club. Lashanna is living on purpose, she’s living her purpose.

Profiles on Purpose…Meet Diane!

Walking by Diane’s cooking school every night with her 125 pound American Bulldog, Zoe knew we would have a great time @ Diane’s Market Kitchen.
I couldn’t have known that I’d make such an acquaintance as Diane…YOU simply have to hear her story!

Half a Dozen Don’ts…for Happy Living!

Half a Dozen Don’ts…for Happy Living!

Sometimes in life, it’s not only what you DO…that will make you happy and lead to a fulfilling life; it’s also what you DON’T DO!

Here are a half a dozen DON’TS to live by:

1.  Don’t Complain ~ and yes, we are listening and we DON’T want to hear it.  Look around, look for what’s right in your life and celebrate that. 

2.  Don’t Aim Too High ~ as Og Mandino said, “Let your reach exceed your grasp.”  However, if your making minimum wage currently, and you set a goal to be a millionaire in 12 months; you will likely be setting yourself up to fail.  When you don’t reach that outlandish expectation, you will feel depressed and end up worse off than you started.  Rather, set aims and goals that are beyond where you are, and incrementally will take you to where you want to go.
3.  Don’t Blame your circumstances ~ as George Bernard Shaw said, “The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.” 

4.  Don’t Worry about what “They’ll” say ~ Fear of Criticism will only hold you back from attempting, trying and ultimately doing what you were put here on this EARTH to accomplish.  You were born with a purpose, if you allow fear of criticism to stop you from pursuing that purpose, you lose, and the World Loses right along with you.

5.  Don’t Settle ~ for low standards:  of living, of giving or of life!  Raise your standards.

6.  Don’t Quit ~ you might need to change course along your journey, but keep moving forward.  To quote Rocky Balboa:  “That’s how winning is done!  Keep moving forward!”

Whatever else YOU DO, Don’t forget ~ YOU were put here for a reason and YOUR still here for a reason!

May this find you living ~ On Top of the World!


you matter



Assuming you Make Assumptions… this might help you

How do you know the sun will rise in the east tomorrow?

Because it did yesterday…and for 10,000 years before?

You can’t prove it…all you can do is draw conclusions based on experience.

Sounds like an assumption to me.

  • What? Oh…its science you say?

So you’ve used a scientific method to prove what’s happened in the past and you now predict…assume….this is an indicator of future results?  You make this and 1,000 other assumptions every day.

Truth is…these kinds of assumptions help you live a life free of worry; will the sun rise in the EAST? Will Spring follow winter? Will the Majority of Drivers stay on their side of the yellow line?

Be careful about assumptions you make about others…and especially what your capable of.

YOU are far more capable then you might assume ~ Assuming that is…that you want to live on top of the World.

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It’s not what you know…but Who you know (and what they KNOW)

Of course they got the job…it’s not what ya know…it’s who ya know! Right?

Well….sort of. Ben Stein said, “Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, and all achievement in real life begins.”

  • Yes…it is who you know. But, do you like everyone you know? And do they like YOU?

Is knowing enough?  Or…does it come down to who knows you, and do they like and trust you?  Simply knowing you doesn’t make you a shoe in for the position, referral or recommendation.  What are you doing to develop personal relationships?

  • It’s like the best marital advice I’ve ever heard: 100/100

A successful relationship takes both parties giving 100%.  Are you giving to those closest to you?  What about people you meet?  Do you look for what you can get out of a relationship?  Or do you look for ways to give?

Yes it’s who you know…and What they know about YOU!

Your relationships will take you to the Top of the World.


Who you know and what they know


How To Write the next Chapter of YOUR life!

Are you a Story Teller?

What’s that?  Easy for me with a name like Story!  Maybe.  The reality is that YOU are a story teller.

  • Every day…you tell yourself and the world a story.

In the way you live, in the things you say, or don’t say.  What you do for a living…or what you don’t do for a living.

What you start…or fail to start.  Everything you do tells a story about your life.  When you decide not to start that side business, because:    in this economy?  That’s a story.

Sure, I’d love to be married…but look around, anyone decent is already taken.  That’s a story…and as long as you keep telling it, that will be the story of your life.   As long as you’re telling a story, and you are – why not make it a good one?

A story you want to hear…a story you want to live.

What is the Story you are living?  Does it match your heart’s desire?  Yes?  GREAT!  IF not…then spin a new yarn.

Tell a tale that gets you excited about today…and leaves you on the edge of your seat for tomorrow.  Your new story will take you…to the top of the World.


how to write your story



Why do you do what you do?

Why do you do what YOU do?

The Great American question is:  What do you do?

You meet someone at a party, or business engagement; it’s natural to ask ~ What do you do?

Recently on Alaska Matters Radio…I asked listeners to tell me Why they do what they do?

The Responses were terrific, here are a few.

  • I do what I do to achieve MY American DREAM….
  • I do what I do because I love my family and want the BEST for them.  I also feel God put me here to help people in small ways or big ways…
  • I love protecting my community…
  • I love to help others…
  • I do what I love…
  • So I can be with my family every night…more money to be made elsewhere; but my family comes first…

Very impressive!  Not one of the responses that came through during the show said for the money!  Of course getting paid is a worthy objective.

To quote Nietzsche; “He who has a why to live….can bear almost any how.”

So…why do YOU do what you do?

Me?  I love to inspire, motivate and be a positive force in peoples lives.  Zig Ziglar is a hero of mine, he said:  “You can have anything you want in life, if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.”

I’m wishing you Health, Wealth and Prosperity!


your problem

Your Greatest Rival

Have you ever wondered what drives the most successful people…? Either those on the pages of magazines or even those in your home town…that appear to have it all. Who drives them…..? Some mystical coach?
Perhaps a Swami?
Give me 60 Seconds and allow me to introduce you to the GREATEST coach and RIVAL of your life!

Short Story Contest Winner

We had a Short Story Radio contest….this short, very short but powerful story won.
Here is how it went down on the Radio today!

How to Wake Up on Vacation @ Home…Everyday!

How to Wake up on Vacation @ Home…everyday!

This isn’t for you!

It’s my plan…you might like parts of it…and discard others with yesterday’s news.

  • Wake up early…for me that is 5am
  • In order to wake up early I go to bed @ a reasonable time each night:  Be consistent
  • Wake up grateful:  before you even move a muscle…review at least one thing your grateful for.
  • Silent prayer:  I thank God for this day…for my family and our health…wealth and happiness.
  • Brew pot of Coffee(tea if you must)…and get the current book(s) I’m reading from my hutch of knowledge.
  • While it’s brewing…I notice what’s going on outside.  Notice Nature.
  • Stretch:  I stretch my back…..legs and arms.  Get the blood flowing.
  • All during my morning first hour of power…I repeat my definite chief aim:                                     (affirmation if you willMy purpose is to serve….influence…inspire….motivate and to be a positive force in people’s lives wherever and whenever I can.
  • Read for approximately an Hour…or till I’m moved to write for On Top of the World Radio.

This routine sets my day off to a great start….

By the time the rest of the house is stirring…I have been on a mental vacation for at least an hour!

Von Buoyage!





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