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Short Story Contest Winner

We had a Short Story Radio contest….this short, very short but powerful story won.
Here is how it went down on the Radio today!

How to Wake Up on Vacation @ Home…Everyday!

How to Wake up on Vacation @ Home…everyday!

This isn’t for you!

It’s my plan…you might like parts of it…and discard others with yesterday’s news.

  • Wake up early…for me that is 5am
  • In order to wake up early I go to bed @ a reasonable time each night:  Be consistent
  • Wake up grateful:  before you even move a muscle…review at least one thing your grateful for.
  • Silent prayer:  I thank God for this day…for my family and our health…wealth and happiness.
  • Brew pot of Coffee(tea if you must)…and get the current book(s) I’m reading from my hutch of knowledge.
  • While it’s brewing…I notice what’s going on outside.  Notice Nature.
  • Stretch:  I stretch my back…..legs and arms.  Get the blood flowing.
  • All during my morning first hour of power…I repeat my definite chief aim:                                     (affirmation if you willMy purpose is to serve….influence…inspire….motivate and to be a positive force in people’s lives wherever and whenever I can.
  • Read for approximately an Hour…or till I’m moved to write for On Top of the World Radio.

This routine sets my day off to a great start….

By the time the rest of the house is stirring…I have been on a mental vacation for at least an hour!

Von Buoyage!





What you are…So is the World!

From James Allen’s Book: From Poverty to Power
“What you are, so is your World”
So true…not easy to accept if you don’t like the world you live in, true nonetheless. Close your eyes to the outside for a time and make what you desire of your inner world…then REFLECT it to the OUTER WORLD!….
The secret path to the Top of the World!

How to Keep Friends and Influence People…on Facebook!

How to Keep friends and Influence People….on Facebook: 4A’s

Accept: You don’t have to agree with your Uncle…but accept him for who he is…and what he believes.

Acknowledge: You can acknowledge someone else’s point without agreeing with it. Often we are so busy thinking about what we are going to say next…even online: that we never really listen to the other person.

Aware: Be aware of as many different view points as you can…that means you don’t push everyone away from you.

If you walked into a Christmas Party….would you go up to someone you know you have nothing politically in common with and pick a fight by holding up a picture with a sarcastic quip on it….and then expect to be invited back?

What would you have accomplished?

Appreciate: First of all…appreciate the first amendment. Celebrate that we can all express our differences…..then really listen to what the other person is saying.  Like a knife against a stone……you’ll come to have a better understanding of your own view points and appreciate your beliefs all the more as they get sharper.

Stephen Covey said to seek first to Understand…then to be Understood.  This is the Art of Influence.

Apply the 4A’s today…and you’ll Keep your Friends…and Influence People on Facebook.

What’s Your ETA?

From Chris Story’s desk…On Top of the World:

Did you struggle with formula’s in School?

Was Pythagorean’s theorem as Greek to you as…..Well GREEK was to me?

If solving algebraic equations wasn’t what you considered a fun Saturday afternoon….Let me give you a formula you’ll love!

One that will help you solve for success…This is how to find your ETA

  • Here’s how it works….E +T=A

E = Effort

T = Time

A = Achievement

Your effort plus time will determine your success.

In a world filled with “overnight” youtube sensations…and tech billionaires under the age of 30…it’s easy to miss the time component. Give yourself….your idea………your effort enough time….and you’ll succeed.  You might have to adjust course…or start over. Put in the effort…give it time…and you’ll achieve.

Your ETA is NOW…final destination…… of the world.

your problem

Freedom…by the Letter!


7 letters:

F….Free.  Freedom isn’t.

R…Religion…Freedom to worship as you choose.

EElect….you can cast your vote freely.

E…Exceptional…America is!

D…Divine…Your inalienable rights granted by God!

O…Observe…the rights of All People!

M…Majestic…purple mountain Majesties.

You have the FREEDOM to become…do….have….hold….and be whoever and whatever you want in America!

You have the Freedom to live on Top of the World….today…and every day!

home of the brave

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