Chris Story

On Top of The World

By all means use any means…..THE END!

Does the end really justify the means?  What is the golden mean….and what is the meaning of LIFE?

Now don’t be mean!  I’m just asking questions here.

What are you willing to do in order to get what you want?  Are you willing to use any means necessary?  As they say, let’s begin at the beginning; which is really the END.

What do you want?  Who do you want to become?  How do you want to be remembered and who do you want to impact?

Once you know your END, then you can begin on the means to get there.  Like taking a trip, figure out where you want to go, then plan your route to the top of the World!

Chris Story

You deserve to live on top of the World!

Alaska …Letters from On Top of the World

Here is a sneak peek at this weeks Hope Tribune. A family heals from a tragic loss, a mystery writer finds herself at a loss, and a radio reporter is looking for a man who is lost.

An excellent collection of Letters to the Editor in Hope Alaska.


How Facebook is Killing your JOY

FACEBOOK and other forms of social media tell one big lie after another.
Not much different than Hollywood….this one question will shield you against their harmful effects.

Profiles on Purpose… Meet Lashanna Williams

Profiles on Purpose…those living On Top of the World…where every they are!
Today…meet Lashanna Williams, Founder of the Seattle Cuddle Club. Lashanna is living on purpose, she’s living her purpose.